USPOULTRY’s 2016 Financial Management Seminar brought together more than 170 registered industry professionals to discuss regulatory and tax updates, key economic trends and other financial drivers that can impact a company’s bottom line. The seminar was held in Amelia Island, Fla. 

Ted Seger, president of Farbest Foods, addressed the group with a turkey industry perspective on sound financial and business management, tied back to lessons he has learned over time. Farbest’s CFO, Jarod Morrison, followed Seger with an avian influenza lessons learned presentation that addressed the challenges CFOs and financial managers could face during such an outbreak. 

Mark Rebillot, a senior portfolio manager for UBS, provided insight as to the value and purpose of an analyst. He encouraged attendees to look at their business units to ensure that their business is aligning to accomplish their main goals. “Analysts have a role to play in companies as they look at the intrinsic value of the company and try to find ways to add to it. This requires knowing the company and its business well,” remarked Rebillot. 

Amanda Martin, student recruitment and alumni relations coordinator for Auburn University’s College of Agriculture, along with Anna Leigh Peek, communication’s specialist for USPOULTRY, presented on millennials in the workplace. Martin, who works daily with millennials, expressed the millennial’s desire to work for companies that have strong organizational values. She suggests that companies should use those values when recruiting millennials. “This generation wants to feel that someone cares. Millennials want to know what their employer stands for and that their employer is invested in them and their development. They also want guidance on how to improve,” Martin commented. 

As a millennial in the industry, Peek’s presentation covered more of the values that millennials seek in the workplace. Echoing Martin’s presentation, she explained that the millennial generation has been measured and benchmarked due to the extensive standardized testing they endured throughout primary and secondary school. “You learn where you are weak and work to improve; this is especially true when it comes time to look at applying to colleges. By providing feedback more frequently than just at annual review time, it allows for employees to hear from managers regarding opportunities to improve and for adjustments that can be made,” observed Peek. 

Peek remarked that all generations have strengths and weaknesses. However, with multi-generations on your team, you can benefit from the differences each generation brings.

2016 uspoultry Financial Seminar Morrison

Jarod Morrison, CFO of Farbest Foods, and Amanda Martin, student recruitment and alumni relations coordinator for Auburn University’s College of Agriculture, speaking to attendees at USPOULTRY’s 2016 Financial Management Seminar in Amelia Island, Fla.