As the second largest poultry meat producer globally, and the world’s largest poultry meat exporter, Brazil is home to several modern and outward-looking poultry businesses. Growing output and with a presence in ever-more overseas markets, the Brazilian poultry industry has gone from strength to strength, but this growth has not been achieved by simply increasing output.

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Mergers and acquisitions have resulted in global players. Brazil's top poultry companies are chasing an increasing share of export markets, and the country's top poultry businesses have bought competitors in those markets, allowing them to produce chicken closer to consumers. This activity, both domestically and overseas, is expected to intensify as the country’s economic crisis deepens and the political outlook remains unstable. An increasing number of poultry companies outside of Brazil are now in Brazilian ownership.

On their home market, Brazil’s poultry businesses are facing increasingly difficult conditions. Brazil’s poultry producers are facing pressure not only on the demand side, but also supply pressures via high corn prices, meaning that margins are being particularly squeezed, and making the position of the country’s smaller producers ever more precarious.


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