Two employees Tyson Foods broiler farms have been terminated after officials from Tyson learned of a video that depicted the two people mistreating and mishandling chickens.

In addition, other contract farm employees have been placed on suspension, pending the outcome of a full investigation of the alleged animal mistreatment incidents.

“We’re disturbed by these actions and do not tolerate abuse of any animal,” the company said in a statement released on August 5. “We’re committed to a culture of animal well-being and we don’t believe the video accurately depicts the treatment of chickens by our employees.”


The video was filmed at operations in Virginia, but the exact location of the farms in question has not be released.

Tyson Foods, which is the largest broiler company in the United States and also a major processor of turkey, pork and beef, has in the past been the target of animal welfare organizations, such as Mercy for Animals, which have sent undercover investigators to contract farms. Those groups have previously released videos that were recorded during those undercover operations. However, the video that led to the dismissal of these farm workers in Virginia was not made public, according to Tyson Foods spokesman Worth Sparkman.