Cobb China held an official opening at the office where its newly constructed hatchery and grandparent farm are located in the Suzhou province.

Cobb China’s management was joined at the ribbon cutting by the team which works there,including production personnel and a small group of administrative officers.

The hatchery will be completed in September so that the whole Cobb operation will be fully functional and ready to begin supplying Cobb500 parent stock to the Chinese market with its population of more than a billion people.


“We have a commitment to our customers to provide the best quality product for the Chinese market, and this is a big step forward,” said Denny Chan, Cobb operations director for China. “Both our farm production complexes have been operating since December and we’ve met all our high standards for biosecurity, training and environment friendliness.

“When the hatchery is finished, we will be in full production to supply top grade parent stock to customers who have signed contracts with us. We are confident that we will gain additional customers and increased market share in China.”