Holly Poultry, a family-owned further processor of poultry products and a wholesale distributor of animal protein products, has plans to build a plant in Baltimore, Maryland.

When the plant is completed, an estimated 100 jobs will be added. The plant, measuring 37,500 square feet, is expected to be in operation in 2017. Merritt Construction Services will build the new facility, which will be located on Wicoico Street in Baltimore.

New space will allow Holly Poultry to separate activities

Another major benefit of the new plant is that it will enable the company to separate its poultry processing business from its wholesale commodity business. Holly Poultry will also continue to work out of its current headquarters on Berlin Street, where it has been located since 2000.


"For the past several years, Holly's growth has been hampered by lack of space,” Zach Fine, vice president of Holly Poultry, said in a press release. “Now, working with Merritt, we are taking 17 acres of urban blight and turning it into a state-of-the-art processing facility."

According to the Holly Poultry website, the company began as an ice packed chicken distribution arm of Holly Farms, an integrated processor that is now owned by Tyson Foods. In the early 1960s, Holly Poultry was spun off from the parent company and became an independently owned distributor servicing the Baltimore market.

The company’s ownership changed in 1990, and since that time Holly Poultry has expanded into other markets.