The JBS board of directors has appointed José Batista Júnior to serve as the global meat and poultry company’s interim president and CEO.

At the same time, the board named José Batista Sobrinho, a board member and founder of JBS, as chairman of the board, according to an announcement to the market.

José Batista Júnior was president of the company for more than 20 years and is profoundly knowledgeable of all the activities of the group, according to a company statement.


"I take on the role of president of JBS with a commitment to give continuity to the sustainable growth of the company. JBS has a robust global and reginal business structure, with experienced senior executives and a solid corporate governance", stated José Batista Júnior.

The appointments were announced on September 13, just days after a federal judge in Brazil, where the company is headquartered, ordered Wesley Batista to step away from his role as CEO, and his brother, Joesley Batista, to suspend his time as the chairman of the board. The judge’s order came as investigations are being conducted into allegations of corruption at the overlap of Brazilian business and politics. Joesley Batista was also ordered to step aside from his role as CEO of a Brazil-based wood pulp company, Eldorado Brasil Celulose SA.

Both Wesley Batista and Joesley Batista informed the company that they will appeal the court’s actions.