The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is considering issuing permits for a potential egg farm near Harrod, Ohio. The farm, if approved, would include two layer houses, with each house capable of accommodating 200,000 hens.

The egg facility, if approved, would be owned by Ruth Farms, LLC, and operated by Happy Yolks, LLC.

The ODA Livestock Environmental Permitting Division has issued a public notice, stating that it plans to hold an open house and public meeting on December 7 regarding the proposed egg farm as it considers issuing a permit to install (PTI) and a permit to operate (PTO) for the farm.


fact sheet from the ODA, in describing waste management concerns, stated: “Each barn would have belts under the cages [levels of the aviary] that would transport solid manure to a separate manure storage barn on a daily basis.”

The agency further stated that the manure storage barn would have the capacity to store about 199,481 cubic feet of poultry manure.

Requirements to obtain and retain the needed permits include a detailed insect and rodent control plan, a mortality management plan, and emergency response plan and an operating record.