A recent video circulated by animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere was filmed illegally and does not accurately reflect Jaindl Family Farms' or Bell & Evans' animal welfare standards, Bell & Evans stated.

In a statement, Bell & Evans, a company that has its turkeys raised and processed by Jaindl,  said the video was illegally produced while those filming the footage were trespassing on the farm during the nighttime hours.

Health problems expected in recovery barn

Bell & Evans stated it was confident the video was filmed at a recovery barn, which is designed to rehabilitate sick and challenged turkeys and provide the birds with the opportunity to heal and grow.

“Because this video was taken in this recovery barn, challenged birds are anticipated,” the company stated. “This is certainly not a true reflection of Jaindl’s typical turkey population.”


In fact, Bell & Evans stated that as recently as October, Jaindl Family Farms was audited by a third party to review its animal welfare standards for the entire operation. It scored 100 percent with no corrective actions necessary.

Bell & Evans: Allegations of overcrowding, stampeding inaccurate

The video also states overcrowded conditions and stampeding at the farm, something Bell & Evans contests as “grossly inaccurate.”

“Turkeys are curious animals. They are drawn to light and human activity in their habitat, especially if that person remains in the same location for too long,” the company stated. “Because the intrusion happened at night with the use of headlamps, this heightened the turkeys’ curiosity and especially aggravated the adult birds. The images and video are not a true reflection of the typical population and its condition.”