The 5th Arbor Acres Asia Association meeting, held recently in Singapore, provided customers with an update on plans and progress of the company. Attendees heard from senior executives, other customers and guest speakers, who delivered presentations on the impact of current topics on poultry companies in the region.

Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen opened the meeting with a review of 2016 and an outlook for 2017. The early portion of the agenda included a full evaluation of genetic developments and progress for Arbor Acres, followed by an analysis of regional performance. One presentation reviewed how working together using regionalization and compartmentalization may help reduce the impact of avian influenza on future supply. Customers gave brief insights into their companies and local markets in the Asian region.

Christopher Young from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research outlined its management and implementation of the sustainable development goals agreed on by 193 countries. The major thrust is to alleviate hunger and poverty.


The agenda also covered a full review of Asian market trends by an external market research company. One presentation gave an analysis of how quick-service restaurants in the U.S. are responding to three major issues—antibiotic-free production of poultry; bird welfare; and slower growing broiler demands from consumers—and how they could impact the efficiency of global production. Customers delivered a review of Arbor Acres in China and the success story of the Arbor Acres distributor in South Africa.

Remarking on the event, Vice President of Arbor Acres Asia Marc Baribault said, “We apply tremendous effort to host the Arbor Acres family of customer companies in Asia, and they always respond by attending in great numbers and sharing their successes. This year was no exception, and we were pleased with the positive response to the meeting.”