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Five of the top 15 global economies will be in Asia by 2030, offering growth opportunities for the region’s top poultry producers.
on January 29, 2017

Top Asian poultry companies to watch

Learn which may be the top poultry companies in the largest Asian markets in 2030, as the region’s largest chicken producers respond to growing demand.

By 2030, five of the world’s 15 leading economies will be in Asia, suggesting a positive outlook for the continent’s poultry producers.

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Those key countries to watch are China, India, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea.

Growth rates in these places may be lower than in the past, but they will generally outstrip those in Europe and the Americas, providing opportunities for the continent’s chicken industry as incomes and living standards continue upward. Total demand, per capita consumption and production of poultry meat will all rise.

The performances of the poultry companies in these five countries will not necessarily mirror that of each economy, but growth will stimulate production.

China will be the world’s second largest economy by 2030. By 2025, it will produce 15.82 million tons of ready-to-cook poultry meat, up from 2016’s estimated 13.11 million metric tons.

India is expected to climb the global economic rankings to become the third largest economy.

Japan is forecast to have weaker growth than most of its neighbors and to fall from the third to the fourth largest economy.

Indonesia is predicted to be the world’s 13th largest economy by 2030, and South Korea is expected to be the 15th largest economy in the world by 2030.

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