Rudi Fick, Technical Director for Conveyor-Systems at LUBING in Germany, passed away on Dec. 12 at the age of 69.

For decades, Mr. Fick significantly advanced the technical development of Conveyor-Systems, not only at LUBING but also as a forerunner of an entire industry. He was considered an eminent authority in Conveyor-Systems for eggs and became known and highly esteemed worldwide for his expertise. Committed and warm-hearted, he was popular and well-liked within the entire organization, both as a colleague and as a supervisor.


“The company LUBING and all our employees who knew him will miss Rudi Fick and honor his memory and legacy,” said a company spokesperson. “A venerated guide who led the company in his technical area, his name will always be associated with our enterprise.”

LUBING has set up an online book of condolence for all mourners on its website. E-mails sent to will be published there.