Leading global poultry genetics company Aviagen has announced that within the first six months of this year it will appoint a general manager for North America to focus on the slower-growing poultry market segment. The new management position will develop North American sales, marketing, and production strategies for Aviagen’s Rowan Range brand of breeding stock targeted to the slow-growing market segment.

Aviagen’s ongoing business strategy has been to offer a variety of high-quality breeding stock choices that satisfy diverse market requirements worldwide. Therefore, the company will increase its emphasis on the slower-growing brand, while continuing to strengthen and promote its well-established conventional Ross 308, Ross 708 products and Yield Plus Male in North America.

The poultry breeder’s increased attention to the emerging segment stems from an expanding market demand. The slower-growing market has experienced widespread popularity in Europe for some time now. In fact, it has been predicted that by 2020 all fresh chicken meat sold in retail grocery stores in the Netherlands will be from this segment.* Aviagen’s Rowan Range brand has been available since 2013, and this is also when the transition from the conventional type broilers to these specialty broilers happened in the Netherlands – where Aviagen holds a significant market share.


With the move toward slower-growing broilers by leading food distributers, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and retailers such as Aramark, Compass Group, Chipotle, Panera Bread and Whole Foods, popularity of this segment has been gaining strength in North America. According to Kevin McDaniel, president of Aviagen North America, the company has responded to this market need with a premier pedigree line of broiler breeders.

“Aviagen’s success and strength lies in the genetic-line diversity of our R&D program. This diversity has enabled us to consistently offer a brand selection that successfully meets the needs of multiple segments, including QSRs, retail grocery, debone, whole bird and live markets,” says McDaniel. “Because we anticipated the demand for slower-growing broilers early on, we are able to fulfill this demand with our premier Rowan Range line. Rowan Range is healthy and robust, distinguished by a distinctive look and excellent performance. As such, it lives up to the standards of established welfare-accredited growing programs.”

*Source: “The Expanding Market for Slow-Growing Broilers” by Gary Thornton, WATTAgNet.com, Oct. 2016