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Carne de pollo
Nadia Jasmine,
on February 23, 2017

Georgia Premium Poultry Price Index ceases to exist

Chicken pricing index intended to replace the defunct Georgia Dock index did not have sufficient input

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) has ceased its efforts to publish the Georgia Premium Poultry Price Index (GPPPI).

In a statement on its website, GDA revealed that it reached the decision to end the GPPPI because of a lack of available data, although the agency stated that the agency “maintains a high degree of confidence in the developed model and appreciates the cooperation and valuable input from the wide range of economists and market experts who assisted with this effort.”

GPPPI was introduced earlier in 2017 as an alternative to the Georgia Dock chicken pricing index, which was suspended indefinitely in December 21.

The discontinuance of the Georgia Dock index, used by poultry companies in their price negotiations with their customers, after the Georgia Dock’s prices during parts of 2016 ranged 30 to 60 percent higher than prices quoted by other indexes.

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