Elanco Animal Health has opened a new autogenous poultry vaccine facility in Winslow, Maine.

The first of its kind for Elanco, the new state-of-the-art facility is dedicated solely on manufacturing customized, high-quality inactivated vaccines for the poultry industry that will assist in the prevention of unique disease challenges and protection from food safety issues that can’t be addressed with commercially available vaccines.

“Elanco autogenous vaccines are different than commercial vaccines,” said Milson Gondim, vice president of vaccine operations manufacturing for Elanco. “We manufacture these vaccines using flock- specific serotypes not found in commercial vaccines, which gives us the ability to provide poultry producers with disease prevention and food safety solutions unique to their specific operation.”

According to Tim Hopson, Elanco poultry district sales manager, the new dedicated autogenous facility reflects Elanco’s ongoing commitment to meet customers’ needs long term.


“The poultry industry needs solutions that go beyond one size fits all,” says Hopson. “The new facility here in Winslow reflects our commitment to providing our customers with the solutions they need to be productive, sustainable and profitable for years to come.”

In addition to autogenous vaccine production, the Winslow facility is also the only location in the U.S. that produces commercial live and inactivated poultry vaccines for Elanco.

“So, whether our customers require a commercial vaccine or one that is customized, this new facility will enhance Elanco’s ability to meet their needs,” Gondim said.