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Alexander Kalina,
on July 31, 2017

Kentucky approves incentives for possible Tyson expansion

Company has been approved for $400,000 worth of incentives to expand Hillshire facility

From WATTAgNet:

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has approved $400,000 in incentives for a potential expansion of a Tyson Foods Hillshire Brands facility in Campbell County, Kentucky.

Campbell County is considered part of the metro area surrounding Cincinnati, Ohio.

The proposed expansion project, which has been valued at $50 million, according to, would create 16 jobs at an average salary of $28 per hour, and over ten years, the expansion would bring 26 new jobs to the area.

The facility has been operation as a distribution center and manufacturing facility for about 33 years.

Tyson Foods, which acquired Hillshire Brands in 2015, has not yet released any statements concerning the potential project.

A diversified food company, Tyson Foods is involved in broiler, pork, beef and turkey processing.

Incentives approved for $50 million Alexandria expansion project

On Thursday, the state of Kentucky approved tax incentives for a $50 million expansion project in Alexandria.


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