Hendrix Genetics, multi-species animal genetics company and Mercoaves, established national distributor of day-old laying hens in the Brazilian market, are pleased to announce a participation of Hendrix on Mercoaves shares, formalized on October 18. The joint venture was formed on the principles of further cooperation to tie together the two organizations and extension of the existing distribution agreement.

The new agreement will enable Hendrix Genetics and Mercoaves to continue to supply the growing Brazilian layer market with high quality day old chicks from the Bovans and ISA layer genetics brands. The two family-run organizations share the same values in their commitment to quality, making the partnership a natural fit.

Henrique Roman, owner of Mercoaves Postura, is pleased with the alliance and said: “Under the new agreement, our bonds will be even stronger, and this will be reflected by the enhancement of products and services for our customers.”


Gauben Peruzzo, owner of Mercoaves Postura also added, “We have been trusted partners in egg layer distribution for over ten years, and so this agreement will only enhance our existing strong relationship in serving the Brazilian egg market.”

Marco de Almeida, General Director of Hendrix Genetics Ltda., stated, “The sustainable growth of egg producers has always been a shared objective of Hendrix Genetics Layers and Mercoaves. Our long and successful relationship together has now become even stronger, all for the benefit of our Brazilian customers.”

The other brands of Hendrix Genetics maintain their independent unique characteristics and distribution channels, that is, Hisex distributed without any interruption under the management of Gustavo Rezende and Dekalb managed by Sadala Tfaile.