The Poultry Science Association Foundation (PSA Foundation) is pleased to announce a new website for partners of the Andrew F. Giesen III Internship Program, which seeks to connect future scientists with companies in the poultry industry for summer internships.

Partner companies already participating in the selection process to identify qualified students meeting their research needs and interests include:

  • Tyson Foods Office for Animal Well-Being
  • Novus International biology lab
  • BioResource International (BRI) nutrition research

The integral component of this outstanding program is the placement of students in summer internships with a partner company, where the experience is enriched by active involvement research processes in industrial settings, leading to the next generation of scientific leadership.


The PSA Foundation provides a cost-sharing opportunity through the Giesen Internship Award, and allows the student’s university mentor and industry mentor to guide the experience.

Applications are open to any university or company that provides poultry-based science internships to undergraduate students. Students should apply through the company internship program and will also need to submit supporting information to the PSA Foundation. The deadline for application is April 1, 2018.