Cargill’s European poultry business has completed the acquisition of Poland’s Konspol. The deal, announced in September 2018 and closed at the end of the year, expands the company’s focus in poultry and providing value-added protein to global consumers. 

Under the agreement, Cargill purchased the Polish assets of Konspol’s food and fresh chicken business. Cargill also acquired Konspol’s portfolio of products, including branded and private label offerings, as well as its customer and supplier relationships.

"The combination of Konspol and Cargill's global poultry business opens even more possibilities for growth across Europe and around the world,” said Chris Langholz, president, Cargill Global Poultry. “Konspol is a remarkable company, we are eager to continue Konspol’s 40-year track record of success and ensure a continued focus on values that have helped our companies and communities thrive.” 


Cargill will acquire Konspol’s feed mill, five broiler farms and two processing complexes. The acquisition increases Cargill’s production capacity, export capabilities and proximity to existing customers to offer expanded value-added and poultry products.

“Cargill is a company with huge accomplishments and a global reach. It is also family-owned company. In the course of our negotiations, I had the opportunity to learn that we share many values. I am certain this is the best guarantee of a future for Konspol, a company I have been expanding with my family for almost 40 years,” said Kazimierz Pazgan, founder of Grupa Konspol.

Cargill will welcome Konspol’s more than 1,700 employees, which will bring the total number of Cargill employees in Poland to more than 3,400. Cargill Global Poultry has more than 35,000 employees across 14 countries.