Hamlet Protein has appointed Joshua Steed as Poultry Nutritionist for North America. John becomes an important part of the poultry team at the Hamlet Protein office in the US.

Most recently, Josh has worked for Trouw Nutrition USA as Poultry Key Account Manager. He not only had the responsibility for managing customer accounts, but also embraced the role of primary technical poultry nutrition specialist in which he planned, designed, and implemented research trials, and delivered technical expertise on nutrition and provided least cost formulation for diets. He was also the lead contact on technical services and customer support on the company’s NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) program.

When it comes to public speaking, Josh is no stranger. He was the technical speaker for the USA poultry team at conventions, meetings and symposiums. At the University of Georgia, Josh earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Poultry Science with emphasis in Poultry Nutrition and Physiology. He also earned his B.S.A in Avian Biology.


Josh has also earned many awards and achievements with the most recent being IPPE “30 under 30” member, and was the PSA Nicholas Turkey Communication Award recipient and the PSA Certificate of Excellence – Oral Presentations recipient.

"I am grateful for being afforded the opportunity to join Hamlet Protein in North America. I greatly look forward to being part of the team working to successfully expand the Hamlet Protein footprint across the poultry industry", says Josh Steed.