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Infographics: North American cage-free egg commitments

U.S. egg producers continue to convert their operations to cage-free laying systems as companies that source eggs have committed to only sell or use eggs from cage-free sources.

To date, well beyond 200 companies have committed to phase out cage-raised eggs and replace them exclusively with cage-free eggs. All of the major grocery chains have singed purchase pledges, as well as many major restaurant chains, travel and hospitality companies, food processors and manufacturers, foodservice providers, and distributors.

Some of those businesses have already made the transition, while others are nearing completion. However, the majority of the companies that have made such purchase pledges identified 2022, 2025 or 2026 as dates to transition into a 100% cage-free egg supply.

This series of infographics shows who has made pledges, and the years they made or plan to make the transition.

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