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US poultry industry shifting focus to Campylobacter, Salmonella Infantis

Ashley Peterson interview

The US poultry industry needs to revisit Campylobacter-control strategies in preparation for new performance standards coming from USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, Ashley Peterson, PhD, National Chicken Council, told Poultry Health Today. While discussing foodborne pathogens, Peterson also expressed concerns about Salmonella Infantis, a multidrug resistant pathogen that caused a year-long Salmonella outbreak.



Water acidification: How much and when for broilers?

Chynette Todd interview

Lowering the pH of broilers’ drinking water early in the flock’s life and at least 72 hours before catch has been shown to reduce populations the foodborne pathogens Salmonella and Campylobacter, before they reach the lower digestive system. Any tools or management practices that may help to inhibit or reduce colonization of pathogenic bacteria should be considered – including water acidification, Chynette Todd, CT Consulting, told Poultry Health Today



When vaccinating broilers against Salmonella may be worthwhile

Manuel Da Costa interview

Vaccinating broilers is a big investment and may not be needed on all farms, but it can be a worthwhile move if there are high loads of Salmonella coming into the processing plant or an increase in the types of Salmonella that threaten human health, Manuel Da Costa, DVM, PhD, Zoetis, told Poultry Health Today.




Poultry experts identify weak links in live production that can compromise Salmonella control

Poultry Today cover

Improved Salmonella control requires fixing weak links in live production that allow the pathogen to get into a flock, poultry experts told Poultry Health Today during an industry roundtable. The panelists gathered to address preharvest interventions that could reduce the load of Salmonella flowing into processing plants and help poultry companies comply with stricter USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service standards.



Measuring effectiveness of on-farm interventions key to Salmonella control

Charles Hofacre interview

Understanding the impact specific on-farm interventions can have on Salmonella is critical to helping the US poultry industry meet government standards, Charles Hofacre, DVM, PhD, president, Southern Poultry Research Group Inc., told Poultry Health Today.