Optimizing immunity: Experts share disease-management strategies

Producing robust broiler chicks has become more challenging with the surge in ‘no antibiotics ever’ and ‘reduced use’ production. Poultry experts share disease-management strategies to help build a stronger bird by optimizing immunity. Sponsored by Poultry Health Today.

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Tuning up live-vaccine priming for infectious bursal disease and reovirus

In an interview with Poultry Health Today, Kalen Cookson, DVM, MAM, director of clinical research at Zoetis explained why live priming of breeder pullets for infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) and reovirus is important. “By initiating an immune response with live vaccines, pullets respond better and more uniformly to the killed IBDV and reovirus vaccines they’ll need later.”

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Infectious bursal disease: ‘It’s never black and white’

Daral Jackwood, PhD, a professor at Ohio State University, is best known in the global poultry industry as the go-to expert on infectious bursal disease (IBD). In a far-ranging interview with Poultry Health Today, he talked about how IBD variants emerge, vaccine selection, viral shedding and the spread of the virus, the merits of vaccine rotation and special considerations for antibiotic-free production schemes.

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Consider predominance of AL-2 variants when planning IBDV vaccination program

The AL-2 family of variants is the predominant strain of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) circulating among US broiler flocks, according to a recent survey — a finding that should be considered when planning IBDV vaccination programs, Kalen Cookson, DVM, MAM, director of clinical research at Zoetis, told Poultry Health Today. In fact, one of every two isolates tested has been the AL-2 type of IBDV, based on a survey Zoetis conducted of isolates representing hundreds of commercial broiler flocks.

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Ensuring strong immunity key to successful ‘no antibiotics ever’ broiler production

Producers raising broilers with no or fewer antibiotics need to pay more attention to diseases that can compromise flock immunity and make birds more susceptible to primary and secondary infections, according to poultry specialists at an industry roundtable. To download a free copy of the roundtable proceedings booklet, click here.

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