Much like Taco Tuesday, WEGGSDAY embraces the popularity of marrying a day of the week with a popular food. To launch the campaign — the latest in the American Egg Board’s “How Do You Like Your Eggs” platform — the American Egg Board created a two-minute original music video, titled “Wednesday Is Officially WEGGSDAY!” The animated video, officially launching on June 3, also highlights the versatility of eggs, reminding consumers that eggs are a great meal solution beyond just breakfast. 

Watch the pre-launch teaser video here: 

“Eggs in the past few years have become more popular with consumers than ever. In fact, in 2019, egg consumption reached its highest level in decades. So, naturally, eggs deserve their own day of the week,” said Liz Gruszkievicz, VP, Marketing at the American Egg Board. 

“Consumers are insatiably hungry for ideas about what to make for their meals, now more than ever, and by highlighting the versatility, nutritional value and ease of preparation of eggs on WEGGSDAY, The Incredible Egg is providing a perfect solution,” Gruszkievicz added. “The fun, positive and uplifting tone of the campaign also comes at a time when we might need a little bit of levity in our lives.” 

Following the launch, the American Egg Board will release related content, like recipes, online every Wednesday. Users are encouraged to share how they celebrate each week with #WEGGSDAY on social media. 



The work will run on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and VEVO — which includes platforms such as YouTube, Apple TV, Roku, and FireTV. WEGGSDAY spots will appear before the videos of a dozen major artists, including Harry Styles, Khalid, and Carrie Underwood. The work was created in partnership with creative agency Energy BBDO. 

In 2019, total demand for eggs and egg products reached the highest level in nearly 50 years: 

292.9 eggs per person/year. The USDA estimates that retail represents 60% of total egg industry volume, making this segment the largest and the fastest growing within the entire industry. Additionally, retail egg sales volume has been steadily climbing year-over-year for nearly a decade — an impressive accomplishment in an established category with approximately 94% household penetration.