The grilling of chicken products in Poland is an increasingly popular trend, so the country’s largest poultry company has teamed up with a leading seasoning company to introduce a product line to make grilling easier.

Cedrob, through its Zaklady Miesne Silesia, has introduced an innovative product in cooperation with seasoning company Prymat. The products, carrying both the Cedrob and Prymat logos on the packaging, are pre-cooked through a method of marinating, seasoning and preliminary heat treating the meats. The meat is more crispy and juicie, and the pieces with the bone are able to be grilled faster, according to a spokesperson for Cedrob. This is the first time that pre-cooked technology has been used in Poland.

“Poultry products for grilling are becoming more and more popular,” Zaklady Miesne Silesia said in a statement. “It’s not just a way of preparing dishes, but also spending time together. Furthermore, consumers are starting to care for their health and want to limit high-calorie foods.”

“The co-branding cooperation of Zaklady Miesne Silesia and Prymat is a response to this trend. Zaklady Miesne Silesia and Prymat are Polish companies which have been operating on the market for many years. Seeing the growing popularity of poultry meat, together with Prymat we decided to expand the offer under the Cedrob brand. In this way, an innovative product from the ready-meals segment was created.”


The pre-cooked products have been available in stores since June, are they presently offered in three flavors – sweet pepper, garlic and herbs and Mojito. More flavors may be added to the line over time.

In addition to being available in Poland, Zaklady Miesne Silesia is exporting products to Great Britain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Greece, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Serbia.

Cedrob, according to the Poultry International Top Companies survey, is the largest poultry company in Poland, the 14th largest in Europe and the 50th largest in the world. It slaughtered 191 million broilers during the past year.