A man who was employed at a Moy Park poultry facility was convicted for the murder and dismemberment of a woman who was a co-worker and the mother of his three-year-old daughter.

Following a lengthy trial and three days of deliberations, a Lincoln Crown Court jury unanimously found Kamil Ranoszek, 42, a resident of Boston, Lincolnshire, guilty of murdering Ilona Golabek, 27, ITV reported. Golabek was former co-worker with whom Ranosek shared a three-year-old daughter and a residence. Golabek had been missing since November 2021 until body parts were found in Witham Way Country Park in Boston on March 1, according to earlier reports.

During the court proceedings, the jury was told by prosecutor Gordon Aspden that the relationship between Ranoszek and Golabek was over, and that Golabek had given him an ultimatum to leave the home. Golabek, according to testimony, had shown an interest in dating other men and had been in contact with several via Tinder.

Aspden told the court that he believed Ranosek repeatedly hit the victim over the head with what was “probably a hammer,” while the daughter was asleep in another room. The prosecutor also told the court he believed the suspect cut her body up into 15 pieces, cleaned up the residence and disposed of her remains at the park in the darkness, before returning home and taking their daughter to a nursery.


Ranoszek, who testified at his own trial, denied the allegations against him, and told the court Golabek had been at a birthday party prior to her disappearance, and she "vanished" after he went to bed.

According to the ITV report, Ranoszek showed no emotion when the verdict was delivered. He will be sentenced for his crimes at a later date.

Both Ranoszek and Golabek are Polish nationals who had immigrated to the United Kingdom.