See the latest videos from the 2011 International Poultry Expo/International Feed Expo, the world's premier show for the poultry and feed industries. This year's show is in Atlanta, Jan. 26-28.

Industry health issues top IPE/IFE discussions  Simon Shane reviews the facets of health discussed at the International Poultry Expo/International Feed Expo in Atlanta, including new regulations, test kits and the interaction among health, nutrition and housing.

Technology offers efficiency, safety in bag inserting  Representing Niverplast at the Cantrell exhibit, Gord Olsson shows how the Easy-plast bag inserting machine helps to automate and prevent cross contamination when filling boxes, crates, buckets and more.

Hatchbrood discusses equipment innovations  Joost ter Heerdt, general manager of Hatchtech, talks about the innovations of this poultry equipment.

Upcoming 17th Congress of the WVPA in Cancun, Mexico  Insecurity in Mexico does not affect this world event, and the organization continues in this magnificent Caribbean paradise.

Paul Aho: Grain prices key in economic outlook for 2011 poultry industry  Industry expert Paul Aho shares his insight on the year ahead for the poultry industry's profit outlook, and says grain prices will play a role.

Escalating corn costs spark industry innovation  Simon Shane reviews how producers are combating the rising costs of corn and other feed ingredients, including the use of enzymes and complex mixtures.

Victam 2011 to highlight innovation in feed, feed ingredients  May 3-5, in Cologne, Germany, Victam 2011 will feature multiple shows under one roof, says Henk van de Bunt, Victam International’s general manager.


Growth, obstacles in the Indian poultry market  Ricky Thaper, spokesperson and treasurer of the Poultry Federation of India, offers an overview of the market.

Sustainability, efficiency take center stage at IPE/IFE  Simon Shane, editor of WATT's Egg Industry and Feed Management, outlines what the hot topics are at this year's International Poultry Expo and International Feed Expo, including sustainability, efficiency and salmonella.

The poultry industry and consumer messaging  Charlie Arnot, CEO of The Center for Food Integrity, looks at what resonates with consumers.

ISO efficiency and poultry  Mike Brown of Georgia Tech details a new ISO standard due to be published later in 2011.

Industry leaders discuss food safety   Bruce Stewart-Brown, senior vice president food safety and quality of Perdue Farms, talks about steps taken by poultry producers to ensure food safety during a roundtable discussion of industry leaders sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health and WATT.

Food safety and finance discussed    Carl Blackham, Harris Bank, managing director, food and consumer group, talks about the financial impact of food safety issues on poultry producers during a roundtable discussion sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health and WATT. 

Food safety at Chick-Fil-A    Brian Coan, purchasing manager, supply chain, Chick-fil-A Inc., talks about the company's attitude toward food safety during a roundtable discussion hosted by Pfizer Animal Health and WATT Jan. 25 in Atlanta.