With the assistance of CREATE, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has assisted Jakarta's administration officials in assessing the preparedness and increasing the competency of the poultry relocation centers set up by the government to control outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

The centers, which exist in limited numbers and were instituted in 2007 after a ban was set on the movement of live birds within Jakarta's city limits, have been seen by small poultry producers as a way for the government to constrain their business prospects. This belief led to discord between the small businesses and the government, eventually culminating in the decision to restructure the market around the desire for fair business and the need to contain H5N1 HPAI, which is more prevalent in Jakarta that any other area in the world.


The FAO stepped in to analyze organizational and training needs, proposing solutions through the development of training modules and standard operating procedures, and assisting in the implementation of the training and organization of individuals involved in poultry market restructuring. As a result of this, the management staff of the poultry relocation centers in Jakarta has a better understanding of the needs of the collectors and slaughterers. They are now better prepared to handle the hundreds, if not thousands, of small collectors and slaughterers who will eventually make use of these facilities. Additionally, they will facilitate training and assist the collectors and slaughterers to operate the facilities and equipment in proper and efficient ways. The management will also ensure that the collectors and slaughterers abide by the biosecurity and food safety regulations. Standard operating procedures are now adapted to local requirements, resulting in optimization of facilities usage so that Jakarta consumers do not face supply disruptions or food safety problems.