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Could avian flu hit European poultry exports?

The virus has been detected for the first time in three European countries
As highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is confirmed in two more European states, there are fears that the further spread of the disease could impact exports of poultry products. The virus has been detected for the first time in three more European countries, and there are further cases in Taiwan and South Africa.
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Trade versus standards: challenges for US, UK

Negotiators from the United Kingdom and the United States have taken up opposing views over chicken and beef standards
Already in the present early stage of trade talks, negotiators from the United Kingdom (UK) and the US have taken up opposing views over chicken and beef.
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Broiler production costs rise in Brazil as exports boom

Brazilian exports rose around 3% in 2019, and export growth trend is expected to continue
Exports of poultry meat by Brazil in 2019 were almost 3% higher in 2019 than in the previous 12 months. While this trend is expected to continue, the nation’s poultry producers are facing higher costs.
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Avian flu returns to poultry in India, Poland

Taiwan is also dealing with more cases of the virus
Following the end-of-year holidays, official reports have been lodged recording outbreaks of avian influenza in poultry in India, Poland, and Taiwan. The disease has also caused mortality among wild birds in China.
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Renewed hope for avian flu vaccine development

Pirbright Institute makes breakthrough for development of vaccine that can protect birds from avian flu, Marek’s disease
Researchers have reporting significant progress towards the development of a vaccine to protect poultry and humans against avian influenza infection. Taiwan and Nigeria have reported new cases of the disease in poultry.
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Avian flu in more poultry flocks in Taiwan

Meanwhile, commercial poultry flock affected with avian influenza in United Kingdom is culled
New cases of highly pathogenic avian flu have been confirmed in poultry in Taiwan, and ostriches in South Africa over the past week. In the United Kingdom (U.K.), a commercial flock infected with a mild form of the disease has been culled.
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Focus on core business bears fruit for 2 Sisters

Latest quarterly results show improved profitability for U.K. company
Latest quarterly fiscal results from 2 Sisters Food Group show a significant improvement in overall profitability. This is attributed in part to good performance in its United Kingdom (U.K.) and European poultry businesses.
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