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Gradus raises US$48 million in public offering

Funds raised through IPO will be used to develop existing and new business lines for food products
Bulgarian poultry meat producer, Gradus AD has raised 81.4 million lev (BGN; US$48.1 million at current exchange rates) from the sale of shares on the country’s stock exchange.
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Aaylex set to invest in Romanian poultry sector

Outside investments the firm to develop and expand over the next two years to become a leading vertically integrated producer in the region.
A Polish fund with other business interests in Romania has underwritten a bond issue by one of the country’s leading poultry meat producers and exporters, Aaylex Group.
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Tegel’s directors recommend takeover

New Zealand-based poultry company having recent challenges with decreased profits and protests over a new poultry farm
Substantial one-off costs, an unsolicited takeover offer, and protests over a new poultry farm are troubling New Zealand’s top poultry meat producer, Tegel Group.
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UK poultry meat sector cuts antibiotic use by 40 percent

UK chief veterinary officer credits producers with combining a review of farm biosecurity and disease management practices with the prudent use of antibiotics
Latest figures from the poultry industry association in the United Kingdom point to an annual reduction in the use of antibiotics by the sector of almost 39.4 percent.
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