News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

Bernard Cazaban

Bernard Cazaban is a Geneva-based journalist with experience at the BBC, RAI Internazionale, UNO, FAO and World Bank.



Tunisian poultry industry in need of reform

Overproduction and a lack of compliance with regulations are harming Tunisia’s broiler and egg producers.
Tunisia's poultry industry has been harmed by uncontrolled expansion and overproduction. Significant reform from the farm level and up is needed to restore the Tunisian broiler and egg sectors to health.
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Groupe Doux facing 2015 with renewed confidence

France’s Groupe Doux has exited administration and has embarked on an investment plan that should give it a more stable future and see it start to increase its share of export markets.
Arnaud Marion, chairman of the board of French company Groupe Doux, is known in France for his talent in turning around businesses in difficulty. He joined Groupe Doux in late 2013 to help restore the fortunes of one of France’s largest poultry producers.
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A Food and Agriculture Organization perspective on the global poultry industry

Among the most affordable sources of animal protein, poultry meat and eggs have crucial roles to play in feeding the world.
Berhe Gebre Egziabher Tekola is director of the FAO Animal Production and Health Division. Bernard Cazaban recently spoke to him about the importance of the poultry and egg industries in the global food chain, and what we can expect for the future.   
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Difficulties continue for French poultry producers

French poultry production declined in the first quarter of 2014, yet the country’s consumption of poultry meat continues upwards
French poultry production fell in the first quarter of 2014, yet the country’s demand for poultry meat continues to grow, with imports taking a greater share of the market.
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