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Emma Penrod

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ASF spurs additional research into optimal feed holding times

Study suggests shorter holding times than previous estimates, but questions about practicality remain
New research suggests producers would benefit from erring on the side of caution when it comes to feed that may be contaminated with viral diseases, but questions about the practicality of extended feed holding times remain.
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Report: ASF already causing drop in animal feed demand

Prices for milk permeate and dry whey have dropped 20-50 percent since February, analysts say
Pig losses in China have caused demand for dairy-derived animal feed ingredients to plummet in recent months, according to a May report. Thanks to the ongoing trade war, imports from the U.S. have been hit particularly hard.
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Study: Policies restrict aquaculture in productive waters

Marine aquaculture will expand, but the quality and location of this growth will depend on sound governance, researcher says
Five countries produce one-third of the bony fish consumed by the world population; none of these five can lay claim to the most productive marine environments. But government policy, according to a new study, prevents aquaculture from expanding into more productive countries, including the U.S.
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Economist: Question is when, not if, ASF reaches North America

Spread of the virus is far worse than suggested by official reports, expert says, and ‘consumers will pay’
Based on daily reports from animal feed distributors and manufacturers in China, one economist is skeptical that China will be able to control the spread of African swine fever. It’s possible, he fears, that the virus will find a way into the U.S.
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Report: NAFTA replacement would benefit agriculture sectors

International Trade Commission finds a new North American trade agreement would spur agricultural growth
A North American trade deal intended to replace NAFTA could grow U.S. agricultural and food production primarily by increasing market access for U.S. dairy and poultry products in Canada, according to a new report by the United States International Trade Commission.
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Growth of poultry driving demand for organic livestock feed

Despite increased need for organic feed, report finds production of key US commodities not keeping pace
Overall demand for organic feed is expected to grow 6-7%, and demand for protein meal is especially high. However, domestic soybean supplies have not kept pace, which has led to increased reliance on imported commodities and may undercut domestic growers.
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Decline of antibiotic use gives rise to novel feed ingredients

Some antibiotic alternatives show promise, scientists say, but producers are growing wary of marketing claims
Sales of antibiotics approved for use in food-producing animals dropped 33 percent between 2016-2017, and manufacturers have raced to fill the void with everything from exotic botanicals and oils to ingredients of days gone by.
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