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Emma Penrod

Emma Penrod has covered science and business, with an emphasis on health, the environment and agriculture, for more than a decade. Penrod covers the animal feed industry for and can be contacted at


EAT-Lancet report corrected, critics say errors remain

Despite a series of corrections, critics remain concerned about errors in the guidelines urging a low-meat diet
An international study suggesting low-meat diets would slow global warming has received several corrections in recent weeks, but critics of the report say the corrections don’t go far enough.
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Climate change may drive spread of some mycotoxins

Despite worldwide decrease in mycotoxin risk, experts say changing weather patterns could create new threats
Although the prevalence of mycotoxins in animal feed decreased in most regions of the world last year, industry experts remain concerned that changing global weather patterns could cause some mycotoxins to spread.
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First hemp-based animal feed approvals expected in 2019

With eminent approval for dogs and cats, advocates say five new feed ingredients are in the works
Dogs and cats could — legally — enjoy their own hemp-based edibles by the end of 2019, hemp advocates say; and feed ingredients for seven additional species are in the works. But industry leaders worry hemp producers aren’t prepared for the potential surge in demand.
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Communication a key component of feed mill biosecurity

Industry association hopes to foster in-depth conversations about the spread of animal disease with new guidelines
With animal diseases such as African swine fever bubbling up in the news, the American Feed Industry Association hopes new guidelines about communication will increase biosecurity and consumer transparency.
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Competition aims to fast-track fish-free feed alternatives

Now in its second round, the competition’s participants believe they’re on the cusp of a viable fish oil alternative.
Despite the rising popularity of seafood, aquafeeds’ dependence on fish oil threatens to thwart the growth of the industry. Four international competitors have joined the race to find a solution.
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US government shutdown could harm organic fraud prevention

Development of new standards for organic imports and grains put on hold during lapse of federal funding.
With government agencies bracing for a lapse in funding that could last months, organic industry advocates worry the political feuding could undo years of work aimed at preventing fraud in grain supply chains.
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