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APHIS reaches out amid spike in backyard poultry sales

Federal agency redoubles emphasis on biosecurity, aims to reach new backyard poultry owners as sales climb
COVID-19 has inspired a sudden spike in poultry sales, prompting federal regulators to double down on their efforts to reach first-time backyard farmers and educate them about the importance of biosecurity.
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New CRISPR method produces ALV resistant chickens

Cockerels implanted with modified germ cells produce chicks resistant to ALV
A new application of CRISPR gene editing technology could hold the key to eradicating avian leukosis virus (ALV) by producing modified chickens that are completely resistant to the disease.
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China pork

ASF drives Chinese soy meal consumption to 4-year low

Feed demand is down, but pork industry profits likely to soar, USDA says
Despite a seven-month decline in the size of china’s pig herd due to African swine fever, feed demand in China has decreased only marginally. Imports of U.S. soybeans, however, continue to drop dramatically.
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