Providing information to help egg producers succeed has been a mission for WATT Global Media for more than 100 years. The company, then known as Watt Publishing Co., was formed in 1917 when the company’s founders purchased Poultry Tribune, a weekly print product serving U.S. poultry producers who, at that time, were primarily what would now be called free-range/backyard egg producers.

As the U.S. poultry industry grew and diversified, WATT’s publications changed along with it. Eventually, U.S. meat bird producers were served by Broiler Industry and Turkey World magazines, and Egg Industry magazine was added as a monthly print magazine serving egg producers in the U.S. and Canada.

Egg Industry Insight is the next step in WATT’s commitment to serve egg producers in the U.S., Canada and around the globe. This publication will be delivered to subscriber e-mail addresses on Wednesdays beginning January 6, 2021. Egg Industry Insight will report on and analyze developments in layer and pullet nutrition, health and management. Egg and egg product marketing and processing will also be investigated and covered. Everything from consumer trends affecting how hens are raised, how and where eggs are consumed, and everything in between will be presented for your consideration. Egg Industry Insight will be more than just a newsletter.

Also coming in January 2021 will be Egg Industry’s annual Top Egg Company Survey results, which will be published as a special issue each January. If you are already a subscriber to Egg Industry magazine, no action is required by you to receive Egg Industry Insight. If you aren’t a subscriber, please register to receive your free subscription to Egg industry Insight Weekly Briefing today as we continue our journey.