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Global food prices falling but poultry at record high

The latest figures from the FAO are good news where averting a food crisis is concerned, but not so good for those who can barely afford poultry or any other meat.

Three months of declines in the FAO’s Food Price Index suggest that a possibility of a food crisis may be a little further off, but for poultry meat prices continue to rise.

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OIE becomes WOAH!

Fifteen years after the Office International des Epizooties changed its name to the World Organization for Animal Health, its acronym has followed suit.

The World Organization for Animal Health has finally dropped its legacy acronym, adopting the contraction WOAH.

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The vegans who bought beef

Farm visits can pay dividends both in the short- and long-term, as one U.K. farmer discovered.

Opening poultry, or any other, farms can lead to both short- and long-term benefits, as one U.K. producer discovered.

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Why has JBS entered the fertilizer market?

The world’s largest poultry producer is now producing fertilizer and there are very good reasons why.

In an ever-tightening market, the world’s largest poultry producer’s decision to produce fertilizer would appear to be timed perfectly.

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