Standing out from the crowd, doing something different, stealing a lead on the competition – all things we would like to, and need, to do in a competitive market. Achieving these goals, however, is not always easy.

An egg producer in Ireland, however, would appear to have achieved all three and has been recognized for its efforts.

Clonarn Clover was established some 18 years ago with 150 free-range hens. The company now has over 100,000 layers and introduced white eggs to Ireland earlier this year. As well as free-range eggs, it also sells what it calls a Mega Egg – enriched with omega-3, vitamin E, and organic selenium and organic eggs.

But surely an egg, is an egg, is an egg?  

Despite the impressive growth in its total flock and a few special lines, Clonarn’s range was still primarily viewed as a commodity. This, however, was about to change with the development of the O’Egg brand.

The brief given to Clonarn’s designer consultants stated, in part, that the O’Egg brand had to be developed to be the pre-eminent egg brand in Ireland, to become a household name and first point of reference when looking for recipes or anything to do with eggs. To be the brand of preferred choice in every shopping trolley or basket, whenever eggs are purchased by consumers.

Not an easy task when the Irish retail market for eggs is largely traditional and fragmented with weak brands, poor packaging and negligible brand loyalty. In addition, the Irish economy is not among the healthiest in the world, adding to the risk of and “new” product launch.


Both brown and white free-range eggs have received the O’Eggs branding and branding for the latter has been recognized by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, Icograda.

The O’Eggs logo takes a contemporary approach, Icograda notes, unmistakably associated with eggs and ensuring strong recognition and standout across multiple platforms and sizes. The bold, pink packaging offers a distinctly feminine appeal, and contrasts with the white of the eggs to ensure on-shelf impact and standout. 

On-pack support for the Irish Action Breast Cancer Association also appeals to the target demographic and the pink ribbon integrates well with the design. The "love Irish food" heart also integrates into the overall branding with many layers of meaning including healthy eating.

In addition to this strong branding, O'Eggs also has a dedicated website offering recipes and details on the eggs.

With its distinctive packaging, the O'Eggs brand has certainly managed to stand out from the crowd, and Clonarn is certainly doing something different. Demand from retailers has been strong so the company would also appear to be stealing a lead on the competition.

I've not eaten O'Eggs, so I have no idea how they taste, but with so much of the enjoyment of food tied to presentation and packaging, the company's approach may increase consumer enjoyment. While few of us eat eggs directly from the box, I wonder whether a home baked cake tastes better for the cook who has used O'Eggs rather than eggs from a cheap, ill-considered pulp box? If anyone from Clonarn is reading this, send me some over please, I want to find out.