The RDCFT for the Middle East and Africa meets in Scotland

“A Partnership in Excellence” was the theme of the recent Ross Distributor Customer Focus Team meeting for the Middle East and Africa as it celebrated its tenth year.

“A Partnership in Excellence” was the theme of the recent Ross Distributor Customer Focus Team (RDCFT) meeting for the Middle East and Africa as it celebrated its tenth year.

The event took place in Scotland, the home of the Ross pedigree breeding program. The importance of technical service and strong partnerships with distributors and customer focus teams was explored through a dynamic mix of presentations and interactive case studies. The meeting kicked off by going back to the basics of “What is Technical Service?” during which attendees looked at the origins of technical service and the importance of spending time in the poultry houses.

Neil Clark, Regional Technical Manager, MEA, said, “Ten years ago we recognized a need to give customers more training on developing practical skills and techniques to get the most from their Ross flocks.”

“Today, the success of the Ross bird in the Middle East and Africa has meant a significant shift in the way we conduct the meeting. We are still providing high level advice to our partners to take back and pass on to their own teams, ‘training the trainer’ if you like, but we have moved from standard presentations to interactive workshops and case studies. Working in groups out with their companies and peers, customers now experience hands-on training, where they are made to investigate, analyze and present back to the audience. This year there was a higher focus than ever on case studies and examples from the field.”

Attendees came from all across the region, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and South Africa. The international mix provided an opportunity to create long-lasting and productive working relationships.

The mix of speakers at the meeting was varied, and included a look at what’s new in Research and Development and an in-depth review of Ross in the UK & Western European Market. Other topics included an update on Technical Transfer, Veterinary, Marketing and Product Steering developments.

Clark added, “This year has allowed us the opportunity to reinforce the importance of working in partnership to ensure the future success of Ross. Over the course of the meeting, the importance of providing effective technical service was explored from start to finish, and the participants will be able to return home armed with the technical and practical knowledge to share with their wider teams and customers.”

Dr. Mazen AL Sharif, Broiler and Feed Sales Manager, Wadi Poultry Company, Egypt commented on the meeting: “Wadi Poultry Group and Ross have a long-standing relationship so it was an honor to be part of the ten year RDCFT meeting. This year’s meeting was highly interactive, with the opportunity to share experience and ideas with others in the industry. As a group we recognized the need for more in-depth performance analysis of Ross client flocks and to pass on to them the knowledge and skills we gained from this meeting.” 

Franswa Venter, Ross Poultry Breeders, South Africa said, “It was a huge privilege to attend the RDCFT meeting, to meet and share knowledge with experts in the field. It was a very practical week and the speakers and presentation topics were outstanding. The week definitely opened my eyes to change my view on how to improve on a day to day basis and how to better promote our valuable product”.

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