Top 10 articles of April 2021

See what 10 articles and blogs were read the most during April 2021.

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(Austin Alonzo)
(Austin Alonzo)

See what 10 articles and blogs were read the most during April 2021:

Pickle shortage slows Burger King chicken sandwich release

Burger King may have to delay the promised release date of their new chicken sandwich due to a pickle jar shortage in the Midwest U.S.

McDonald’s now alleging poultry industry collusion

McDonald’s informed its franchisees that it would seek money for damages in an alleged conspiracy among the nation’s top poultry companies, in which the companies have been accused of colluding to drive up the price of chicken.

Tyson project asks chickens about enrichment preferences

New research at the Tyson Foods’ Broiler Welfare Research Farm (BWRF) leverages animal preference to choose the best environmental enrichments for broi

Rose Acre to depopulate White County egg farm

Rose Acre Farms has informed the Indiana Department of Workforce Development of its intention to close layer houses on the White County Egg Farm effective June 14, 2021.

VIDEO: Efficient manure drying specific to layer house type

In a WATT Poultry Chat video interview, Brett Ramirez, agricultural engineering and animal science professor at Iowa State University spoke with Egg Industry Insight about efficiently drying manure in layer houses to ensure air quality. 

Something good is happening to the poultry industry (blog)

Benjamin Ruiz: The poultry industry is alive and kicking and I think something has been done well to support it.

Pilgrim’s shooting suspect faces attempted murder charge

Authorities have released the name of the suspect in a shooting incident that took place on April 26 at a Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Sumter, South Carolina.

Fire occurs at Tyson poultry plant in Robards, Kentucky

Tyson Foods is investigating a fire that happened at its poultry plant in Robards, Kentucky, on the afternoon of April 11.

8 ways to minimize flies at turkey farms

There are eight key areas in which turkey farmers should concentrate when it comes to minimizing the presence of houseflies, more formally known as musca domestica, in their barns and around their flocks.

A new effort to drive up animal production costs (blog)

Roy Graber: An effort is being made in Colorado to get a question on the ballot that would ultimately drive animal agriculture out of the state.

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