USPOULTRY Foundation allocates $183,520 in student recruiting grants

TheUSPOULTRY Foundation has approved student recruiting grants totalingapproximately $183,520 to the six U.S. universities with poultry sciencedepartments and 14 other institutions with industry related programs. The foundationprovides annual recruiting and retention funds to colleges and universities toattract students to their poultry programs.

The USPOULTRY Foundation has approved student recruiting grants totaling approximately $183,520 to the six U.S. universities with poultry science departments and 14 other institutions with industry related programs. The foundation provides annual recruiting and retention funds to colleges and universities to attract students to their poultry programs. 

The six university poultry science departments receiving the USPOULTRY Foundation grants are:

  • Texas A&M -- $31,557
  • North Carolina State -- $21,480
  • University of Arkansas  -- $18,377
  • Mississippi State -- $17,527
  • Auburn University -- $16,251
  • University of Georgia -- $14,806  

The 14 other institutions with industry related programs receiving recruiting and retention grants under the USPOULTRY Foundation Industry Education Recruitment Funding Program are:

  • Penn State University -- $10,000
  • Virginia Tech  -- $7,425
  • California State University - Fresno  -- $7,000
  • Louisiana State University --  $7,000
  • University of Delaware  -- $6,515
  • Modesto Junior College, California -- $6,300
  • Wallace State Community College, Alabama -- $4,500
  • University of North Georgia -- $3,130
  • Clemson University  -- $3,000
  • Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas  -- $3,000
  • Ohio State University -- $2,000
  • Jones Junior College, Mississippi -- $1,050
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore --  $1,000            

The grants to Clemson University, the University of Georgia and the University of North Georgia were made possible by the Leland Bagwell Education and Innovation Fund, established in January by Tommy and Chantal Bagwell. The purpose of the fund is to offer young people opportunities in the poultry industry with a focus on innovation and education, including outreach to lower-income students.

"It is extremely important that we persist in attracting bright young people to study careers in the poultry industry," said USPOULTRY Foundation chairman Mark Waller, Ingram Farms, Cullman, Ala. "We need sharp young managers to join our companies today, as they may one day be the leaders of tomorrow. USPOULTRY Foundation recruiting grants perform a vital role in inspiring students to enroll in industry related studies and in becoming future industry leaders of tomorrow," he said.  

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association established the USPOULTRY Foundation in 1994 to provide student recruiting funds to universities with poultry science departments.  In 2004, the Poultry Science Education Funding Program, now named the Industry Education Recruitment Funding Program, was added to the Foundation's umbrella so other colleges and universities that offer industry related studies are eligible to apply for recruiting grants.  Applications must be submitted for these grants, which provide up to $7,000 each. 

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