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Linde LIXSHOOTER bottom injectors

Linde LIXSHOOTER bottom injectors

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575 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill NJ 07974
United States

Linde LIXSHOOTER bottom injectors help processors of meat, poultry and other foods raise the bar on food safety and productivity in mixer chilling operations. The self-sealing injectors are designed to prevent food product from penetrating injector orifices. LIXSHOOTER injectors are strategically positioned on the bottom of the mixer, blender or kettle, and can rapidly chill ground meat and poultry mixes — and virtually any type of wet food or wet ingredient blends. With a dual-cryogen option, the injectors can chill with either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (CO2). The dual-cryogen option also makes it possible to switch between LIN and CO2 in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days, providing for production flexibility and higher reliability in cryogen supply.


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