All Canadian avian flu control zones released

All avian influenza controlzones in Canada have been lifted, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirmed.

All avian influenza control zones in Canada have been lifted, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirmed. CFIA removed the final avian influenza control zone, located in the counties of Oxford and Waterloo, Ontario, on July 29.

The quarantine in the final zone was removed at the completion of the 21-day waiting period that followed the cleaning and disinfection process of the infected farm under CFIA oversight. That farm was a broiler breeder facility, where 27,000 chickens were affected. Now that the control zone has been lifted, permits are no longer required for the movement of birds and bird products in Ontario.

The other two farms in Ontario to be affected by avian influenza in Ontario were also located in Oxford County. One farm had 44,800 turkeys affected, while the other farm had 7,900 turkeys affected.

All three of Ontario’s avian influenza cases were confirmed in April.

Several months before avian influenza reached Ontario, avian influenza cases had been confirmed in British Columbia, impacting more than 187,000 birds. Those quarantines have been lifted, and in June, the World Oganisation for Animal Health (OIE) considered the avian influenza situation in British Columbia to be resolved.

The CFIA continues to remind poultry owners to take an active role in protecting their flocks by employing strict biosecurity measures on their property, and immediately reporting any signs of illness.

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