US Wabash Valley farm catches fire, no injuries reported

The cause of the egg producer’s fire is unknown.

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A Wabash Valley Produce Inc. complex caught fire on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, at approximately seven P.M. just south of Farina, Illinois.

News company WLBD said that 27 fire departments and several other companies were called to bring water to the 1.2 million layer farm.

The fire spread to four of the five houses on the property, with smoke potentially damaging the fifth building. The firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to other smaller buildings on the property that do not house chickens.

The fire was fully extinguished by early Thursday morning.

According to employees of the facility, no one was working in the buildings when the fire was discovered. No bird losses have been confirmed yet, however, media outlet WNOI indicated that the entire complex is likely a total loss. 

According to data from WATT Global Media’s 2024 Top Egg Company Survey, Wabash Valley Produce is the 24th largest egg producer in the U.S. and produces conventional and cage-free eggs, as well as liquid, frozen, dried and extended-shelf-life egg products. It has locations in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

Wabash is in the process of expanding for Tyson

While the producer is recovering from its recent fire, it is also in the process of renovating a US$63 million egg products processing plant in Dubois, County, Indiana, intended to supply egg-based products to Tyson Foods’ Jimmy Dean breakfast brand.

The target completion date for the plant is October 2024.

The plant is a renovation of a 54,000 square foot former Indiana Furniture Industries factory building that Wabash Valley purchased in 2022. After renovations are completed, the plant will be approximately 86,000 square feet.

Product from Wabash Valley’s existing egg-breaking facility located close to the building will be transferred to the new processing plant to produce egg patties, scrambled eggs and other egg products for Tyson Foods.

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