A Herbruck’s Michigan cage-free egg facility is going solar

Following the sustainability movement, Herbruck’s Green Meadow Organics farm held a grand-opening event concerning its new eight-acre solar array.

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Courtesy of Herbruck's
Courtesy of Herbruck's

Currently, consumers are finding sustainable efforts by large companies to be more important than ever in the agricultural sector. Following the movement, Herbruck’s Green Meadow Organics farm held a grand-opening event concerning its new eight-acre solar array. Originally, Herbruck’s launched the egg production facility in 2008 and have been producing cage-free eggs while turning chicken manure into fertilizer and recycling eggshells into feed as added calcium.

The company said it takes energy to save energy; the system will produce enough electricity to decrease its energy consumption by 25% and contribute to its larger sustainability efforts. According to the Ionia Sentinel Standard in February 2021, the solar panel will generate about two megawatts for its Green Meadow Organics facility. Herbruck’s has confirmed that its evaluating solar systems for its other facilities.

Cody Herbruck, senior manager of capital expenses at Herbruck’s, stated â€śThe solar project aims to lessen our impact on the environment by cutting down on our fossil fuel usage. We are excited to be able to source our energy in a sustainable way and bring this green energy to a rural area in Michigan.”

For the project, Herbruck’s, partnered with ES Services Co, which is a branch of CMS Energy.

Herbruck recently added â€śIn addition to this, we’re looking across the entire company on ways that we can be better stewards of what the Lord’s given us. We are looking at solar at a couple of our other facilities here in Ionia County, and we’re excited to move forward.”

The company’s sustainability efforts

Additionally, the Ionia Sentinel Standard reported that the same Saranac Herbruck’s location won Project of the Year by Consumers Energy in March 2021 for its sustainable practices in 2020.

The Project of the Year award recognizes company’s commitments to energy efficiency.

“At Herbruck’s we work hard to reduce our environmental impact, and we’re honored to receive this award for our efforts and would like to thank Consumers for their expertise on energy efficiency, without which we may not have these important projects,” stated Herbruck earlier this year.

“Sustainability is good for business, for Michigan and for the planet, and we’re looking forward to bringing more of these practices and initiatives to all of our facilities.”   

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