‘Oink’ tweets promote H1N1 awareness

Sunday, Aug. 16, starting at 8 a.m., two of Twitter’s Top 5 trending topics were #Oink and #H1N1 because of a grassroots campaign to support pork producers and remind consumers that U.S. pork is safe.

0908 Pig Twitter Twibben

Twitter tracks topic trends in tweets (the words normally have a hash mark) which are featured on a users home page. Normally top trending topics are celebrities or news of the moment. But on Sunday, the agriculture industry (including WATTPoultry) banded together to remind the media and consumers to continue to eat pork and to use H1N1 instead of the hysteria-inducing Swine Flu label.

#Oink remained a top trending topic for several hours on twitter as non-agriculture users started asking questions about H1N1 and the #Oink campaign. Information is power, and the #Oink H1N1 campaign is proof that the agriculture industry is embracing social media.

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