H1N1 found in Canadian breeding turkeys

The situation does not pose a food safety risk

0910 Usa Turkey

Ontario has confirmed the presence of H1N1 in a flock of breeding turkeys at Hybrid Turkeys, a division of Hendrix Genetics Ltd., according to reports and a statement from the company.

Dr. Arlene King, the province's chief medical officer of health, stated the turkeys were not raised for eating and do not pose a food safety risk.

The most likely source of the virus is from human transmission.

According to Hybrid Turkeys, "The only symptom in the affected Ontario flock was a decrease in egg production with no associated illness or mortality. The flock is showing normal feed and water consumption and is expected to fully recover. We have been working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency since the identification of the egg production drop. A self–imposed quarantine remains in effect and will until the flock is fully recovered."

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