El Niño drought harms Philippines poultry, corn production

Poultry deaths reported

Farmers in the northern Philippines province of La Union have reported thousands of poultry deaths from heat and dehydration related to drought. ABS-CBN News reported that 2,000 chickens and 1,200 chicks died on one farm after the farm’s well dried up. Another farmer told the broadcast network that 6 to 10 of his chickens were dying daily from heatstroke and that his flock’s egg production had fallen.

According to a government study reported inThe Philippine Star, the El Niño drought is likely to result in higher-than-usual rates of sickness and mortality in fowl across the country, reduced numbers and quality of eggs, and reduced hatching rates. The government is encouraging poultry producers to install insulation and provide more drinking water in their poultry houses.

The drought has already resulted in corn crop damage totaling P2B, according to The Philippine Star. The newspaper reported that the drought could result in higher feed prices.

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