Smithfield Foods launches sustainability story series

Smithfield Foods has released a series ofstories on how the company became a global leader in sustainable pork production.

Smithfield Foods has released a series of stories on how the multi-billion dollar company became a global leader in sustainable pork production. The first of three web-based sustainability stories was launched September 3.

Through these multimedia sustainability stories, Smithfield invites visitors to meet the some of the architects of the company's sustainability program, including Larry Pope, president and chief executive officer.

This first module includes Pope's candid insights and stories regarding the importance of sustainability to the company. Through a video interview, Pope reminds viewers that sustainability is nothing new to Smithfield.

"Smithfield Foods now is well into the second decade of incorporating sustainability throughout every aspect of our business," Pope said. "It is ingrained in our culture."

The story also features Dennis Treacy, the company's chief sustainability officer who shares how Smithfield Foods makes decisions every day that work toward protecting the environment, caring for animals, the safety and quality of Smithfield's products, the company's employees, and the communities where the company operates.

One of the more unique characteristics of Smithfield Foods is the strong tie the company still holds to Smithfield, Virginia — the community in which the company was founded and still calls home.

"Our reach may be global, but we still behave like a small company from a small town," Pope said. He also pointed out that Smithfield Foods is committed to being a member of every community it touches, from Smithfield, Virginia., to its facilities around the world.

In addition, the company has grown its commitment towards employees, food safety, animal care, the environment and value creation over the years, reporting its challenges and progress. It was acknowledged recently by as the first place winner in the "Openness & Honesty" category for its integrated reporting.

The second story, scheduled to launch in October, will highlight Ashley DeDecker, Ph.D., who works at Murphy-Brown LLC, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods. Currently serving as the assistant director of production research, Ashley has dedicated her career to animal care and welfare and has received several awards for her efforts, including the National Pork Board Swine Innovation Award in 2011.

The third story, scheduled to launch in December, features Kinesha Allen, environmental manager for Smithfield-Farmland. Her role consists of a broad range of environmental responsibilities with specific emphases on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and facility inspections. She even has designed award-winning environmental community outreach programs.


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