Sinokrot invests in Royal Pas Reform tech

Sinokrot Poultry Farms expanding hatchery program with Royal Pas Reform tech.

Jordan-based Sinokrot Poultry Farms is a specialist poultry farming and production business and is part of the large and regionally important, family-owned enterprise Sinokrot Group–a vertically integrated poultry company with 14 farms across the country.

Sinokrot’s hatchery has a total annual capacity of 24 million broiler hatching eggs and three-million layer hatching eggs. An additional hatchery in the Palestinian territory has the capacity to hatch a further 15 million eggs per year.

As part of a major hatchery expansion program, Sinokrot has invested in Royal Pas Reform’s SmartPro integrated technologies. The new hatchery will take full advantage of Pas Reform’s position as a single-source, fully integrated supplier of incubation, climate control and hatchery automation. The installation includes 18 SmartSetPro setters, incorporating modular design and Pas Reform’s Vortex based airflow principle; Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF), and the Energy Saving Module (ESM).

The setters will be complemented by ten SmartHatchPro hatchers, each equipped with SmartWatch–which by CO2-sensitive automation monitors and adjusts the hatching process to optimize the hatch window for every cycle. Hatchery operations will be fully supported by Pas Reform’s SmartCenterPro hatchery management system, to ensure precise, consistent process control.

Founded in 1984 by one of the oldest and most famous and prestigious Palestinian families from Hebron, the Sinokrot Group, led by owner and managing director, Hani Sinokrot, is the exclusive agent for Novogen breeder layers in Jordan and an important producer of table eggs in the country, with the capacity to produce 150 million annually under the brand name Taza. It is also one of the most important exporters of hatching and table eggs, exporting its products to the neighboring countries in the Gulf region.

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