Brixey Farm honored

Recognized as Broiler Producer of the Year for 2022

The Wayne-Sanderson Farms Danville Complex has recently recognized Brixey Farm as Broiler Producer of the Year for 2022. This award acknowledges Kenneth “Kenny” and Kim Brixey, dedicated growers with over two decades’ experience working with Wayne-Sanderson Farms, for achieving the lowest production cost per pound for the year and excelling as the top producer of broilers out of 99 farms.

According to Kyle Klober, broiler manager at the Danville Complex, “Brixey Farm is known for consistently being a top producer,” having been awarded Broiler Producer of the Year previously in 2011. As part of the recognition, they received a Yeti cooler, a branded hat and a plaque commemorating their achievement.

"We've had a good working relationship from the get-go,” Kenny expressed, reflecting on growing for Wayne-Sanderson Farms. “I view the relationship between us as a partnership with each other.  If they take care of their responsibilities I will take care of mine.”

Kenny’s venture into broiler production began in 1998 when he produced his first flock for Wayne-Sanderson Farms (then Wayne). Over the years, alongside his wife, Kim, they expanded the farm, adding two more houses and nurturing their family while dedicating themselves to their farm. The Brixeys have not only excelled in their farming operations but have also been actively engaged in the community, with Kenny having previously served as president of the Perry County Farm Bureau, chairman of the Farm Credit of Western Arkansas Board of Directors, and frequent participation in their local church.

When asked what has contributed to their success, year after year, Kenny stated “We just take care of our farm and take care of our chickens.  We must be doing something right.”


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