NIAA holds 2024 annual conference

The event focuses on advancements and challenges in animal ag technology and innovation.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) recently concluded its 2024 Annual Conference in Kansas City, focusing on "The Next Generation of Animal Agriculture." The conference provided a platform for over 120 guests, including industry leaders, to discuss advancements and challenges in animal agriculture technology and innovation.

During the event, NIAA recognized outstanding professionals in the field with several awards:

  • Chairman’s Award: Dr. Michael Short, animal industry director at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • President’s Award: Dr. Heather Fowler, director of producer and public health at the National Pork Board
  • Advocate for Animal Agriculture Award: Animal Agriculture Alliance
  • Meritorious Service Award: Dr. Karen Jordan, large animal veterinarian and dairy owner at Dairy Farmers of America

Additionally, NIAA elected new board members during the annual membership meeting:

  • Polly Ruhland, Agriculture Consultant
  • Dr. Jack Shere, USDA - APHIS
  • Dr. Stephanie Ward, North Carolina State University

The conference sessions featured keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and updates from industry experts on various topics, including innovation, disease management and sustainability. Key speakers included Dr. Bill Weldon from WCW Animal Health Consulting, LLC, and Daniel Foy from AgriGates.

Furthermore, the conference showcased the second Cohort of the Advanced Training for Animal Agriculture Leaders, presenting capstone projects on topics such as pre-competitive environments and organizational excellence.

For more information about the award recipients, board members or upcoming events like the 14th Annual Antibiotics Symposium in November, visit or contact Morgan Young, director of communications and outreach for the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, at [email protected].

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