USPOULTRY research program contributes to understanding phytase use

The USPOULTRYresearch program is celebrating 50 years of accomplishments. During this timethe research program has focused on the most important issues facing thepoultry industry. Feed

The USPOULTRY research program is celebrating 50 years of accomplishments. During this time the research program has focused on the most important issues facing the poultry industry. Feed nutrient utilization and environmental management have always been high priority areas for the poultry industry, and the research program has provided significant resources toward funding research in those areas. 

A few years ago, the industry became focused on developing methods to improve the birds' utilization of phosphorous from the feed so that less phosphorous would be deposited in the litter. Since 1993, USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation have provided $498,000 in research funds to six institutions for 14 different research projects to study this topic. The projects have focused on the use of phytase to enhance the utilization of phosphorous by poultry and also studied the basic metabolism of phosphorous by birds. The results of these studies have provided the knowledge required for the effective use of phytase. Today, there is widespread use of phytase in the poultry industry.

"The USPOULTRY research program has provided the funds that have helped the poultry industry learn how to use phytase to enhance phosphorous utilization by the birds and minimize the amount of phosphorous deposited in the litter. This helps the industry feed birds more efficiently and also allows us to reduce our environmental impact," said Dr. Tom Frost, director of nutrition and research, Wayne Farms.

"During its 50 year history, the USPOULTRY research program has always focused on those topics that are critically important to the poultry industry. Over the years, the emphasis has changed to mirror the changing needs of the industry. Environmental management and feed utilization are very important to the poultry industry, and the USPOULTRY research program has focused significant resources in those areas," commented Dr. John Glisson, vice president of research, USPOULTRY.

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