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Cooper Farms is a family-owned, vertically integrated turkey company that is also involved in egg and pork production. All its operations are based in Ohio. It produces conventional and cage-free eggs, as well as liquid egg and bulk products.
In 2023, Cooper Farms slaughtered 311 million pounds of live turkey, an increase from 306 million in 2022.
In June 2023, Cooper Farms announced it was adding 39 new barns to accommodate an additional 500,000 birds annually. The construction was completed in January 2024. Additionally, according to Cooper Farms' 2023 survey, it expanded its turkey harvesting plant by approximately 30,000 square feet and its cooked deli meats plant by approximately 20,000 square feet in 2023.
The Cooper Farms Egg Division opened a new egg facility called Golden Heritage Cage-Free Egg Farm located in Western Ohio in January 2022.
In May 2021, Cooper Farms acquired liquid egg processor, CW Egg, which is now known as Cooper Farms Liquid Egg Products, a segment of the Cooper Farms Egg Division.
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