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9622 West 350 North
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United States
Miller Poultry is a family-owned chicken company based in Orland, Indiana. The operation, as Pine Manor Inc., goes back to 1942. The family began raising turkeys in 1945 and raising broiler chickens in 1974. The company began raising ducklings for Culver Duck Farms in 1985, took over Booth Poultry and purchased Martin’s Feed Mill in 1992. Miller Poultry processes all-vegetable fed, raised-without-antibiotics broilers that have been raised on small, Amish family farms.
The company’s 2022 sales were $275 million, an increase from $245 million in 2021.
Miller Poultry produced an estimated 3.5 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken on a weekly basis in 2022, an increase from 3.47 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken on a weekly basis in 2021.
Miller Poultry’s brands are Amish Country Poultry, Pine Manor Farms and Katie’s Best. Miller’s product mix is 64% fresh and 36% frozen. Its product forms at point of sale are 99% cut-up and 1% raw further processed. Its products are sold 90% retail and 10% foodservice. According to its 2021 survey response, 78% of its flock is antibiotic-free or raised no-antibiotics-ever and 22% is U.S. Department of Agriculture organic certified. 100% of its flock is certified by the Global Animal Partnership. The company is now air chilling all its chicken after completing improvements that included a building expansion for boning and cut up equipment.
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